Friday, November 19, 2004

Pixies In Glory: Pixies in Detroit 20041118

With all questions of import to the world now safely out of my hands, we can return to utter frivolity like good patriotic Americans. Cheers!

OK, OK, it wasn't the best live show I've ever seen, but damn good. Maybe I'll talk about it later. (Don't bet on it.) I bought the show on disc afterwards (modern technology occasionally makes my heart glow). Oddly enough, I think I like the performance better on disc than I liked it live. Maybe the sound was worse than it seemed. For now, here's the setlist, and a good one it is:

  1. I Bleed (Doolittle)
  2. Head On (Trompe Le Monden - Jesus and Mary Chain cover)
  3. U-Mass (Trompe Le Monde)
  4. Monkey Gone to Heaven (Doolittle)
  5. Caribou (Come on Pilgrim)
  6. No. 13 Baby (Doolittle)
  7. Broken Face (Surfer Rosa)
  8. Crackity Jones (Doolittle)
  9. Isla de Encanta (Come on Pilgrim)
  10. Something Against You (Surfer Rosa)
  11. Hey (Doolittle)
  12. Mr. Grieves (Doolittle)
  13. Velouria (Bossanova)
  14. Dead (Doolittle)
  15. Gouge Away (Doolittle)
  16. Tame (Doolittle)
  17. Debaser (Doolittle)
  18. Wave of Mutilation (Doolittle)
  19. In Heaven [The Lady In the Radiator Song] (cover of "theme" from David Lynch's Eraserhead)
  20. Here Comes Your Man (Doolittle)
  21. Where Is My Mind? (Surfer Rosa)
  22. Holiday Song (Come On Pilgrim)
  23. Nimrod's Son (Come On Pilgrim)
  24. Vamos (Surfer Rosa/COP)
  25. Gigantic (Surfer Rosa)
Looks like I'm not the only one who thinks Doolittle is their best... I wish they'd covered Winterlong as they had earlier on the tour. I wish, I wish, I wish they'd played Silver. All in all, though, a great night out.